Peter Barbosa

December 17, 2021


Data Maps: What Is It And The Best Techniques and Tools

The starting point for many privacy programs around the globe is beginning to document your personal data across your organization. This can be extremely challenging if you are taking on this task while your business has been operating for several years. In this article, we cover exactly how to kick off this process.

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Peter Barbosa

December 13, 2021


Fireside Chat: Matt Cooper from Vanta

Every other month, Opsware partners with privacy experts from the around the globe and shares real world insights and data.

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Peter Barbosa

November 29, 2021


2022 Global Directory of Privacy Regulators

We understand that it’s challenging to consider jurisdictions in scope when planning your privacy program, or even registering with different privacy regulators. We’ve made this list to help privacy officers and professionals simplify their research and planning. 

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