Free: Data Map Calculator

Easy-to-use calculator designed to help privacy professionals calculate the operational cost of building and maintaining data maps. This includes:

  • Cost of building your first data map
  • Cost of regular up-keep of your data map
  • Estimated cost per department
  • Best practices when data mapping
  • Costs associated to risks

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Data Map Calculator

The calculator was developed with input from privacy professionals on typical steps to every data mapping & discovery exercise.

  • Key variables is the first section to populate on the calculator. Populate the high-level questions around how many business units your organization might have, a guesstimate of how many SaaS tools or vendors that collect personal data, and a guesstimate of how many internal tools & databases (think AWS, Azure, GCP) your organization might have. These inputs will influence the # of hours spent doing data discovery. Additionally, we’ve included typical rates and market sales for privacy professionals in Toronto, Canada.
  • Part 1 of the workflow calculator is a breakdown of the typical tasks we see for doing a data map exercise. This includes the approach of top-down or bottom-up (in no specific order). You can populate estimates for how long each task might take.
  • Part 2 captures the cost of on-going maintenance of your data map, that is often reported on a monthly basis. This includes reviewing assets and processes, and any vendor agreements as required for any changes.
  • Beyond human costs, there are privacy compliance risks that have monetary costs, or the cost of damaging your brand reputation and custom trust.
  • Lastly, we output the results of the calculation, and give a detailed breakdown of monthly & annual up-keep costs, costs by department, and number of hours required to dedicate to do a proper data map

Now that you have an idea of the cost for building and maintaining your data map, you can use this to drive discussions around the requirements of privacy program compliance tools to help remove the tedious workflows and high-cost processes tied to this exercise.