Compliance with automated data mapping & ROPA tools

Stay ahead with the most advanced data mapping and vendor management tools that will help your business map data flows and remain compliant.

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Detect Shadow Systems

Don't let surveys and spreadsheets hold you back.

Integrate into identity management, SSO, or procurement solutions to visualize your data landscape and discover systems that allow you to organize personal data, in seconds.

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Identify and Invite Data Owners

Workflow based data mapping.

Remove tedious work and eliminate human error. Invite data owners to quickly and easily connect their data sources using our technology to categorize and populate records, worry free.

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Evergreen Data Maps and Classification

Stay in control of any changes.

Get alerts and updates on asset records and approve changes in only a few clicks. Your data map stays refreshed 24/7 so you can easily track and detect any changes across data sources and your teams.

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Generate RoPAs and Visualizations

Reduce the risk of hefty fines.

Reduce risk and stay compliant with real-time generated Records of Processing Activities. Automatically produce data lineage and cross-border maps for your business.

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No-Coding for Home-Brew Systems

Software built for forward-looking teams.

Build faster and seamlessly connect proprietary API's for data categorization and discovery. Integrate directly to your in-house systems without needing to worry about finding time in your engineers backlog.

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Pre-Built Connectors

Easily connect cloud systems and vendors.

Scale quickly, save money, and get faster results with pre-built connectors to cloud vendors and systems. No coding required.

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