Take control and fulfill data requests across every data source and vendor.

We provide automation tools and infrastructure to make data exports, updates, and erasure requests light work.

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Fully Automated

Connect directly to your data with zero limitations.

Choose between automating your entire workflow from end-to-end, or enable manual intervention for if or when you need it.

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Orchestrate Personal Data Discovery

Gather and package data across all your data sources.

Fulfill data subject requests and consent changes on personal data across your entire organization. Easily build custom API workflows, or leverage our pre-built connectors.

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Automatically Verified

Zero manual verifications required.

Stay efficient with automatically approved data subject requests. No more verifying one request at a time. Opsware pre-verifies with government issued ID, email, SMS or through your customer portal.

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Support for Non-Digital Data

We help manage workflows for paper and offline records too.

Capture hard copy data that might exist in filing cabinets, or with external sources and track it using our platform. Stay organized and connected by inviting team members and vendors to collaborate with you in one secure environment.

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Fully Customizable For Your Brand

Personalize your user experience.

Keep your existing customer experience and keep your brand consistent. Optionally, use our customizable form builder to create your own styled forms when handling data subject requests.

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Keep Your Data Private

Built to keep your customer data private and secure.

Opsware is set up so we have zero access to your private data. We don't hold API keys, and our data is end-to-end encrypted between you and your users.

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