Data Privacy and Security

How does a data privacy platform handle your personal data safely?

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Control Your Data

Your data, your rules

Your company data is fully controlled by you. Provision storage in your own environment with strict and limited permissions. We also provide on-premises data processing options to ensure that data does not leave your secure data context.

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Physical Security

Safe and reliable regulation services

Feel at ease knowing our staff are never in possession of your data at any time. What data we retain exists solely in our secure production context.

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Complete Encryption

Data-centered encryption keeping your information protected at all times

All data is encrypted between you and our servers, even within our own networks. When it finally comes to rest with us, at-rest encryption will continue to be in full effect.

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Data Continuity

Backup and recovery you can rely on

Daily backups are fully encrypted and stored offsite and offline, with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 6 hours. Procedures are in place for recovery from all manner of disasters.

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Vulnerability Management

We prioritize vulnerability management first and foremost

We perform scans on every deployment, quarterly penetration tests and audits, and yearly red team exercises. All issues are handled immediately, with the highest priority.

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Strict Access Control

Strict and convenient access control measures

We support attribute and role-based access control, granular permissions, approval workflows, audit logs, and SSO integration.

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