Free: Buyer's Checklist for Privacy Compliance Automation

Simple and easy-to-use checklist to help businesses review privacy compliance automation tools:

  • Data Mapping, Discovery & Inventory
  • Privacy Requests
  • Security
  • Costs

and plenty more....

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Important factors when considering privacy compliance automation

  1. Data Mapping, Discovery & Inventory is the biggest undertaking in most privacy programs. Finding a solution or tool should help give the organization an understanding of what personal data is stored, in which systems, and keeping this information up-to-date as close to real-time as possible.
  2. Data Subject Requests should be simple for your customers, and automated. The organization needs to be able to complete privacy requests quickly, with compliance logs to comply with all regulations.
  3. Security might include the vendor’s security credentials, where they hold your keys, or where personal data is hosted.
  4. Costs of potential fines if not compliant, internal headcount, and software purchase and implementation should be considered. Understanding how long the onboarding process is and how involved the engineering team will be can impact the total cost of ownership.

The tool is designed to help privacy professionals compare options and help think through the purchasing process for their organization.